Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy, the policy regarding the use of the information collected from the registered Members and the rights of the Members are listed below:

one.   Your e-mail address will not be distributed to organizations other than and its affiliates for any reason, and will not be used for advertising, promotion or marketing purposes.

2nd.   The membership information and personal information you provide to us will not be disclosed to other members without your consent. However, this information is used to determine the customer profile within our company.

3. All the information you enter into the system is accessible only to you and you can only change it. It is not possible for another member to access or change information about you.

4.   You may let us know what you want during registration, except for the obligatory personal information. If you have information that you would not prefer to provide to us, you do not have to fill in or mark these fields.

5. We do not record the credit card information you provide during the shopping you make from our website.

With these principles, your personal rights are guaranteed by us.

As per our Company's Security Policy;

It uses the most advanced security systems to ensure that our customers can shop safely and comfortably.

128-bit SSL in our system with your credit card information is protected from the eyes and interference of third parties. All information is exchanged at all stages of order processing under SSL guarantee and all data flow is encrypted. This is an encryption that is practically impossible to break. Thanks to the SSL security protocol, the credit card information you provide to our site is encrypted and sent to the bank and it is not even possible for us to access this information during this process. does not store the credit card information of any customer in its system. For this reason, for your own credit card security, you must re-enter your card information at each order creation stage.